First of all my compliments for the entire 11 weeks of preparation for yesterday’s race in Lommel Belgium. Even though I was quite skeptical in the beginning I truly appreciate all the small technical improvements I have made during these weeks. I don’t think I only speak for myself if I say that there has been a tremendous amount of improvement for all athletes thanks to your input and dedication in the trainings.

I think we have all experienced and appreciated your passion for the triathlon sport that you have passed down on all of us. Thanks for that! I will need some convincing @home to explain why daddy has to train even harder for next year!

Yesterday during “race day” I was impressed to see the same level of dedication in the preparation and execution of the final stages leading up to the race. A great “chill out” zone with camper and tents, supplied with everything an athlete wants before a race. Commitment of all of you to make sure that the day ran as smoothly as possible for everyone. Compliments for that.

Of course yesterday was a day that made me proud to be part of TMC as well. Every athlete (whether single or in a team) has put his or her own stamp on the Lommel race. There were moments of pain, moments of glory, moments of “why”, moments of companionship, moments of rivalry but most of all there were moments of drive and dedication! It left me feeling glorious (despite my DSQ) and tired…


Bedankt voor alle trainingen naar de Trio Triahtlon toe en de aanmoediging en begeleiding tijdens de trio triathlon. Het was erg leuk !! Ik ben blij dat Farah en Matijke me over hebben gehaald om mee te doen. Ook al was het voor mij “slechts” de 5 km rennen, de aanmoedigen van alle TMC ers en het squadra team waren erg motiverend!


I am grateful to have experienced the road to triathlon. The guided trainings where great! An unguided road to triathlon is very difficult, Squadra motivated tremendously.


It was very nice to see that all TMCers who started last sunday also made it to the finish. Everyone in his own pace and with his/her own story. I totally agree with the e-mail of Marcel yesterday. It was a though day last sunday but the reward was enormous. And in my opinion one of the nicest things to see was how everyone cheered for each other and was hoping for the best. Thereby the guidance of Squadra was great to have the support of Squadra during the race day and the months before.